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Law Offices of John Henry Browne, P.S.

When results are critical.

Seattle, WA

John Henry Browne is famous for defending clients such as serial killer Ted Bundy, Benjamin Ng, Colton Harris-Moore (the "Barefoot Bandit"), and Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. John Henry Browne and his associate Emily M. Gause, and Colleen A. Hartl, Of Counsel, are nationally known for obtaining favorable results. If

Law Office of Michael Schwartz, P.S

Michael Schwartz has worked in the criminal justice system for over 35 years with 16 years as a prosecuting attorney and over 20 years defending the accused. Michael handles each case individually working personally with each client.


The work of the firm has always focused on one simple goal: Work and fight, both smart and hard, on behalf of the people who need help. Michael’s efforts on behalf of clients, both in criminal defense and civil litigation, are informed by his experiences.

Peale Law Firm

Shoreline, WA

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