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James Weaver Kirkpatrick, III, P.A.


Waynesville, NC

The office of Kirkpatrick, James Weaver practices law in Waynesville, North Carolina and Haywood County. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping clients with their legal matters regarding: Residential Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Criminal Law Traffic Violations Drug Offenses DUI / DWI Wills & Trusts Estate Administration Wrongful Death Auto Accidents Personal Injury Please contact our Waynesville law firm with questions

Law Office of Nathan Earwood

Defending your rights when it matters most.

Sylva, NC

Nathan has represented individuals accused of criminal offenses ranging from minor speeding tickets to capital murder since 2003. Although the consequences and strategies differ in each case, his approach remains the same. In order for the client-lawyer relationship to be successful, there must actually be a relationship.

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