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High Quality Advocacy is the right for every person. We strive to provide affordable representation to all of our clients.

Chicago, IL

This firm was founded on the principle that high quality legal advocacy is the right of every person. We strive to provide affordable, excellent legal representation to our clients. Whether it's a traditional attorney client relationship, or a limited scope representation, or even just basic legal advice, coaching, and planning

Law Offices of Winer & Winer

Experienced DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys. Exceptional Representation One Client at a Time. 24-Hour Availability. Call Now for a Free Consultation.

Waukegan, IL

I began my practice of criminal law in 1975. Around 1985, I started handling serious personal injury cases and rose in the ranks to become the head of a major insurance company's defense firm. I opened my own law office in 1993.Our focus is trial law.

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PGO Law Firm

Wheaton, IL

Sutter Law Group, LLC

Oakbrook Terrace, IL

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DRD Law, LLC and its founder, David R. Drwencke, have a singular focus and passion: criminal law. Fighting for the rights of the accused is what we do best, because it is all that we do. We pride ourselves on open, honest communication.

Chicago, IL

Based in downtown Chicago, DRD Law, LLC is Chicago's preeminent criminal defense firm.

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Law Offices of Eric J. Bell

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