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Law Offices of Tedone & Morton, P.C.

Joliet Criminal Defense Lawyer and Family Law Attorney.

Plainfield, IL

Your legal matter is important to you, and it should be important to your attorney too. At the Law Offices of Tedone and Morton, P.C., we are dedicated to each of the cases we take.

Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C.

At the Law Office of Eric J. Blatti, P.C., our clients come first. For immediate assistance with any criminal defense, areas call<b> </b>815-744-2500.

Joliet, IL

Attorney Eric Blatti firmly believes that "reasonable doubt" and "presumed innocent" are much more than words on paper. So, we stand ready to assist you in a wide range of criminal cases, with a focus onDUI andtraffic ticket defense.

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