Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Winston Law, P.A.

Coral Springs, FL

The Law Office of Jonathan Wasserman, P.A.

Criminal Defense Attorney West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL

The Law Office of Jonathan Wasserman, PA is a full service criminal defense law firm located in West Palm Beach, FL. While nobody ever expects to find themselves needing a criminal defense attorney, our office understands the importance of proper representation during such a critical and emotional time.

Atterbury Goldberger & Weiss, P.A.


West Palm Beach, FL

At Atterbury, Goldberger & Weiss, P.A., we are dedicated solely to representing clients in State and Federal courts in need of experienced and aggressive defense in criminal cases. Our firm has a reputation for excellence that is widely recognized and respected in the legal community.

Law Offices of Greg Rosenfeld, P.A

Highly Rated Law Firm Specializing in Criminal Law.

West Palm Beach, FL

At the Law Offices of Greg Rosenfeld, P.A., we provide aggressive representation to clients facing criminal charges.

Roth and Duncan, P.A.

Statement of Practice Summary: Criminal Law; Appellate Practice; Federal Practice.

West Palm Beach, FL

Scott Berry Law, P.A.

Southeast Florida Criminal Defense Attorney with over 16 Years of Legal Experience

West Palm Beach, FL

Defending Your Freedom One Client At A Time Office Hours - 24/7 Scott Berry believes strongly in providing an aggressive, creative, and discreet defense to each of his clients.

Lewin Law Firm

West Palm Beach, FL

Law Office of Ann Fitz

Former prosecutor with 15 yrs of experience in federal court, practicing exclusively in White Collar Criminal Defense and Federal Criminal Appeals. Top rated by Super Lawyers and dedicated to fighting for the rights of criminal defendants.

West Palm Beach, FL

Richard G. Lubin, P.A.

Specializing in Defense of Criminal Cases in both State and Federal Courts, and Internal Corporate Investigations.

West Palm Beach, FL

EXPERIENCED: Richard G. Lubin heads the firm. He has been practicing criminal law for 37 years. Richard is nationally recognized as one of the premier defense attorneys in the country. Our Firm represents citizens and corporations in state and federal courts during the investigation stage and after charges are brought. TEAM

Sando Law, P.A.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Roth and Duncan

Roth and Duncan, P.A. provides effective legal counsel throughout Palm Beach County. Located in West Palm Beach, our firm skillfully handles Criminal Law matters. We provide outstanding advice and advocacy.

West Palm Beach , FL

Our firm focuses on the following Areas of Law: -Criminal Law -Appellate Practice -Federal Practice

Ronald S. Chapman, P.A.

West Palm Beach, FL

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