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O'Connor Law, APC

O'Connor Law, APC is a law firm serving Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our attorneys represent clients in driving under the influence (DUI) cases and a wide array of serious criminal matters.

San Diego, CA

After a career as a Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney, Matthew O'Connor left to form the boutique law firm of O'Connor Law, APC. The firm serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area specializing in criminal defense.

Newman & Evans A.P.C.

Serving Fairfield|Vallejo|Vacaville|Dixon|Vacaville|Benicia|Solano County

Fairfield, CA

Newman & Evans A.P.C. is an experienced California criminal defense firm, serving Solano County. The lawyers, Barry K. Newman And Tiffany Evans, are experienced trial lawyer, having represented criminal defendants for over 30 years. Dedicated Criminal Defense Law Practice Newman & Evans A.P.C.

Law Office of Barry K. Newman

This is a criminal defense firm. We fight to free the innocent and protect the rights of those accused of crimes. Clients include not only those newly arrested, but also those individuals who are already incarcerated.

Fairfield, CA

I have been practicing in Solano County since 1988, fighting for the rights of the accused.Example casesPeo. v. Justin Pacheco: This was a murder trial resulting in a not guilty verdict and featured on "60 Minutes II" and "Court TV.

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