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Bush Strout & Kornfeld LLP - Specializing in Commercial Bankruptcy

Since 1992, we have helped both small and large companies master their financial challenges.

Seattle, WA

Widely respected in the Washington State legal community, we are known for our intelligence, diligence and tenacity in helping companies deal with lenders, landlords, trade creditors and taxing authorities. Named one of U.S.

Bucknell Stehlik Sato & Stubner, LLP

The lawyers of Bucknell Stehlik Sato & Stubner, LLP, enjoy a national reputation for effective and creative resolution of major business and commercial problems.

Seattle, WA

The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in all areas in which they practice and are committed to delivering cost effective results while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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CBG Law Group, PLLC

At the offices of CBG Law Group, PLLC, we can show you how to eliminate or reorganize your debt through bankruptcy options and tax workouts. Most important, we can also help you fight to keep your house, your car and other assets. Call today.


Suffering from financial difficulties is bad enough, but it is made worse by the incessant collection calls and demand letters. The stress can be hard to take. By filing for bankruptcy protection, the collections agencies must leave you alone and deal with your lawyer. Our attorney’s experience and reputation mean

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