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Benson Law Firm is your champion in fending off aggressive banks and other creditors. If you are seeking relief from overwhelming debt, a modification of your mortgage loan or defense against foreclosure, Benson Law Firm has been down this road many times with clients just like you. David M.

Steven S. Davis Co., L.P.A.

A Cleveland law firm committed to helping you resolve bankruptcy issues

Cleveland, OH

Whether you're declaring bankruptcy for your business or in your personal life, you can breathe a little easier knowing that a lawyer with 30 years of experience is helping you make do things right.

Rabin & Rabin Co., L.P.A.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, OH

Chapter 7 Chapter 13 Alternatives to Bankruptcy If you are considering personal or business bankruptcy, you may be uncertain of your rights, in light of the recent overhaul of the federal bankruptcy law.

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