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Shillen & Mackall Law Office

Thousands of Clients Served Since 1980

Woodstock, VT

At Shillen Mackall & Seldon, our attorneys have always been interested in advancing the rights of those seriously injured by the negligent actions of others. Championing the cause of justice and securing a well-deserved award for our clients brings a measure of satisfaction like no other.

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Lynch Legal Services, PLLC

David W. Lynch is the managing attorney at Lynch Legal Services, PLLC. With more than 30 years of experience, he focuses his practice on personal injury, workers’ comp, and bankruptcy cases.

Williston, VT

We take pride in advocating for real people with real problems on and individual basis. We work as a team on a limited case load so that clients' cases get the attention that they need. We help people with serious personal injuries and workers' compensation cases.

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