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Morrin Law Office

We work hard to save our clients money, time, and stress as they recover from a serious injury. At the Morrin Law Office we do things differently, and our clients love the difference!

Richmond, KY

Doing things differently has always been what sets the Morrin Law Office apart from other personal injury law firms.

Rosenbaum & Thompson, P.L.L.C

The Lexington Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers of Rosenbaum & Thompson, P.L.L.C. are devoted to providing aggressive representation to those who have been injured.

Lexington, KY

A significant amount of Rosenbaum & Thompson, P.L.L.C.'s practice is representing injured people. Rosenbaum & Thompson, P.L.L.C. represents injured people throughout the court system in Kentucky. Rosenbaum & Thompson, P.L.L.C. also represents people and entities that have other types of business or private claims.

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