Shannon Miehe


Shannon Miehe, an attorney and former Nolo editor, received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her law degree from the University of Southern California Law School. Before joining Nolo, Ms. Miehe was a corporate attorney with a large Los Angeles law firm, and spent several years representing small and mid-size entrepreneurial companies in connection with mergers, acquisitions and business formation issues. She is the author of How to Create a Noncompete Agreement and edited many of Nolo's small business products, including Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business, The Partnership Book and Tax Savvy for Small Business.

Articles By Shannon Miehe

When You Can't Pay Your Business Debts: Personal Liability and Bankruptcy Options
If your business is in distress -- you owe a lot of money but you can't pay -- your creditors will probably threaten legal action against you personally. How much they can collect will depend on how your business is organized, whether you personally guaranteed any repayments, and whether you decide to file for bankruptcy.