Article FAQs

Q. What is the benefit of publishing articles as a Nolo member?

A. Publishing articles helps potential clients learn more of your expertise. Leads generated through articles you publish with us are also free.

Q. Will I retain full rights to articles I publish as a Nolo member?

A. You will retain all rights to unique content while granting the non-exclusive right to reproduce the article in the ExpertHub network of sites.

Q. What is considered unique content?

A. Unique content is an article that has not been posted anywhere else on the Internet.

Q. Why do you prefer unique content?

A. Articles that have been published on the Internet (i.e., your personal website, an external blog, etc), have already been indexed by search engines and, will not give you the results you'd expect through our network.

Q. How do I submit an article?

A. If you are a Nolo member, log into your account, click the Publishing tab, and Contribute New Content. Articles must be original content, and cannot be an advertisement for the firm. For more about article submission, please click here.

Q. What do you mean when you say there is no cost for publishing articles?

A. We do not charge our customers to publish articles. All our online marketing tools are included with your subscription and developed to help you increase your exposure to potential clients.

Q. Will my article be reviewed before it is published?

A. Yes, articles are first reviewed by our SEO content management team to ensure they meet our content guidelines. In addition, they will optimize the meta description, keywords, page title and url for optimal search engine rankings. Once approved by the SEO team, the article is reviewed by a Nolo editor, then published to the most appropriate site.

Q. How long will it take for my article to publish?

A. The review and publishing process should take approximately 10 days.

Q. Can I re-submit my article with updates?

A. Yes. Resubmitted articles will be reviewed again by our SEO content management team before they are published.