Plan Your Pay-Per-Lead Campaign

Proposal Generator

Nolo aims to provide full transparency into what you can expect from your Premium pay-per-lead subscription. That's why we've developed the first-of-its kind Proposal Generator.

Your Proposal Generator outlines:
  • Expected lead volumes, calculated from historical data and based on lead type, geographical coverage and network availability
  • Actual lead submissions from consumers
  • "What-if" pricing scenarios; add or subtract case types and geographical coverage to build your ideal lead generation campaign

Sample Proposal

The Right Lead Generation Campaign for Your Law Firm

Using the proposal generator, you choose options that best suit your budget and your law practice. Set up your pay-per-lead campaign to maximize your ROI. Focus only on the practice areas that make sense for you, and limit the number of leads you'll receive to fit your marketing budget. Easily create the right lead generation campaign for your law firm, and change it over time as your legal practice grows.

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