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Ross Albers

"Martindale-Nolo is the perfect service for young attorneys and entrepreneurs like me. After researching online, I realized that no one would be looking for 'Ross Albers' and that I had to sign-up with Martindale-Nolo to get in front of people searching for 'DUI attorneys'."

Ross Albers, Attorney, The Law Offices of Ross Albers, Maryland
Ramesh Raghuthaman

"Quality, Quantity, Client Responsiveness – this is what you can expect from Martindale-Nolo. Every attorney should spend their online $s with Martindale-Nolo. Just try it - the money will follow."

Ramesh Raghuthaman, Managing Partner, D. Miller & Associates, P.L.L.C., Texas
Matt Long

"Martindale-Nolo keeps me competitive by providing a highly effective pipeline source that I can adjust to meet my business needs. In just 3 months, I have retained 10 clients out of the 40 referrals they provided! I would particularly recommend Martindale-Nolo's lead generation service to young lawyers starting their practice."

Matt Long, Attorney, Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd, Arizona
Ryan Beach

I love my rep, the service and results. Every month, I receive a steady flow of 20 leads and retain clients from 20-25% of those leads. That's 4 new clients per month! I particularly like contributing articles, the user-friendly online dashboard and email notifications that enable me to manage my campaigns and respond to inquiries immediately.

Ryan Beach, The Law Offices of Ryan Beach, P.L.L.C., Michigan
Jason Rappaport

All 50 lawyers I've talked with agree: Martindale-Nolo produces the greatest ROI at the lowest risk with no long-term contracts. To-date, I've realized a 20x return on my investment with Martindale-Nolo.New attorneys have to try this service! It's one of the few lead generation services you can try for just a few hundred bucks – and you're guaranteed to get leads.

Jason Rappaport, Attorney, Rappaport Law, Ohio
RJ Harber

Martindale-Nolo helps me grow my practice by providing a steady flow of leads pertinent to my DWI practice. I'd recommend the service, particularly to new lawyers who need to start their client base.

RJ Harber, Attorney, The Law Offices of RJ Harber, Texas