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Am I eligible for technical support for LLC Maker?

Yes, registered users of LLC Maker are eligible for technical support. To register your software, start the program and choose Help > Register Online.

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What should I do if I have a problem with my Nolo software program?

Step 1. Review the documentation that came with the program

If you have a problem, first consult the following resources:

  • the Users' Manual
  • Program Help from the "Help" menu
  • "Read Me First" file from the "Start" menu

Step 2. Read the software FAQs

Read the rest of these frequently asked questions to see whether your problem is addressed.

If the problem persists, contact our technical support staff directly. The best way is to contact us. Please provide as much information as you can about the problem, including:

  • the name of the program
  • the program version (access this information, select "About" from the "Help" menu)
  • any error messages, and
  • details about what you were doing with the program when the problem occurred.

The following information about your computer may also be helpful:

  • operating system (for example, Windows XP Home)
  • processor type (for example, Pentium III, 500 Mhz)
  • RAM (for example, 128 MB)
  • video card information, and printer model.

You may also phone us at (510) 549-4660 (9 - 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday - Friday). However, we ask that you email us at first.

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How can I make sure that the program is current and up to date?

We keep this program as up to date as possible. Nevertheless, laws and official forms can -- and do -- change. Generally, the information and forms in LLC Maker stay current between versions of the software, but the Articles of Organization form, a document that is filed with the state, does change from time to time. Most changes made by the states to their official Articles form are minor and reflect formatting or incidental information changes rather than legal changes, and many states allow you to file a previous Articles of Organization form.

However, to be safe, it's always best to use the latest Articles form -- doing so ensures that your Articles are filed immediately by the state office when the document is received by the state. If the Articles form has changed and the state requires you to use the very latest form, your Articles will be returned to you unfiled, together with your check for the filing fees and the latest Articles form provided by the state. Resubmitting your Articles for filing delays the filing of your Articles and the start date of your corporation, usually by a week or two. For most filers, this delay, if it happens, is not critical, but it is an inconvenience that they would prefer to avoid.

A state's Articles of Organization form can change at any time during the year, so the best time to check that you have prepared the most current form is to visit the state filing office website just after you prepare and print the LLC Maker Articles document. LLC Maker helps you do this by providing a "State Web Site" button on the LLC Maker State Info window. To compare the LLC Maker Articles for your state to your state's latest official form, do the following:

  • Prepare and print your LLC Maker Articles.
  • Click the "State Web Site" button on the LLC Maker State Info window to open your state's filing office website. You may need to navigate a bit to find the area dealing with LLCs.
  • Go to their LLC forms download page and view or print the latest official state Articles form. Note: if your state does not provide a form, go ahead and use the LLC Maker form -- it should work fine since it will not have been superseded by a newer state Articles form.
  • Compare the state's online form with the LLC Maker articles form you printed. The easiest way is to compare form revision dates, which typically appear in the headers of footers of the form or in the heading at the beginning of the text on the first page. If revision dates are not provided on the form, just glance through the form to see whether the state form is arranged differently from the LLC Maker form or has different Articles from the LLC Maker form.
  • If the state website form is more recent or contains different information from the LLC Maker form, use the state website form instead. The basic legal content should be very similar, so simply copy the information inserted in the LLC Maker form over to the state website form, and add any new information that may be required. Normally, changes to the state form will reflect only formatting changes, and will not require you to provide new information. If new information must be supplied, it normally consists of basic name, address and contact information, not legal information.

Comparing state vs. LLC Maker Articles forms in this manner usually takes a minute or two, and will help you make sure that your Articles will be filed by the state without delay.

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How can I tell which version number I have?

Select "About LLC Maker" from the "Help" menu to see the version number.

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Why should I register my software?

Registering your software entitles you to receive technical support. To register online, start the program and choose Help > Register Online.

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Although Nolo's Technical Support staff cannot answer legal questions, you will find legal information in the Help file that comes with your software.

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Why doesn't anything happen when I put the LLC Maker CD into my computer's CD-ROM drive?

If you can't see the "Welcome to LLC Maker" screen when you insert the CD-ROM, double click on My Computer with the CD in the drive. Then double click on your CD-ROM drive icon. If you still can't see the "Welcome to LLC Maker" screen, then go to your Windows "Start" menu, select "Run," and enter "D:\welcome".

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Is there a Macintosh version of LLC Maker?

No. We do not have plans to provide LLC Maker for the Macintosh. If you have either Virtual PC or SoftWindows on your Macintosh, you can install and use LLC Maker. However, this configuration is not supported by Nolo Technical Support.

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How do I resolve the error that LLC Maker can't open the "" file?

This problem occurs in Windows XP or 2000 when users who are not administrators install the program. You can get around this problem by downloading the required program files and extracting them to the correct locations in the LLC Maker program folder. Please follow these directions ot resolve this error:

Please save the file my to the following location on your computer*: C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Name or Owner]\Local Settings\Application Data\LLC Maker\llcdata

Once the file has been saved, try running the software. Depending on your computer's settings, you may need to reboot your computer.

If you are not able to find the path above, you may not have your computer set to show hidden files. To change the setting (on Windows XP, Vista, or 7):

  • Click on your "Start" menu
  • Click on "Settings" and then "Control Panel"
  • Find the icon for "Folder Options" and double click on it
  • In the "Folder Options" window, click on the "View" tab
  • Find the "Hidden files and folders" options and check "Show hidden files and folders"
  • Click "OK" to exit the window

After you changed the setting, go back and attempt to find the correct path again.

*If you are using Vista, the file should be saved to: C:\Program Files\LLC Maker\llcdata

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How do I clear a 1.5 or 1.6 error?

To clear a LLC Maker 1.5 or 1.6 error, access files LLCData.CAB & LLCApp.CAB and follow the below instructions:

1. Save both the LLCData.CAB and LLCApp.CAB files to your desktop. (Both of these files will decompress with 7zip and the contents of each will need to be extracted to specific locations. If you need 7zip, here's a link to download it for free:

2. Extract the contents of LLCApp.CAB to C:\Program Files\LLC Maker

3. Extract the contents of LLCData.CAB to C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Name or Owner]\Local Settings\Application Data\LLC Maker\llcdata

Once all of the content of both files are extracted to the destinations, reboot your computer and launch LLC Maker.

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Does LLCMaker run on Vista 64-bit systems?

No. LLCMaker is no longer in production. If you would like current Nolo products for LLC formation:

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How do I clear a 16-bit error?

    1. Go to your Start menu and select “My Computer”
    2. Double-click on the Local Disk (C:) drive
    3. Double-click on the WINDOWS Folder
    4. Double-click on the REPAIR folder
    5. RIGHT click on the autoexec.nt file and select COPY
    6. Click the green BACK arrow at the top of the window
    7. Double-click on the System 32 folder
    8. Move your cursor to a blank section of the window (so your cursor is not above any file), and then RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE

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How do I backup the LLC data I've entered and documents I've created?

Before you create an additional LLC -- or just to play it safe -- you should back up:

  • your LLC data file
  • all your completed LLC document files

LLC Maker's data file (named "My"), which holds the background and document information that you entered, holds information for only one LLC at a time. Therefore, you must be sure all the documents you created for your first LLC are final before you create the next LLC.

To back up your LLC data file:

  • Search for your "My" file, located in the "llcdata" folder (the location of this file and folder varies, depending on which version of the Windows operating system you are using).
  • Select the "My" file by clicking it with your mouse.
  • Choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  • In your "My Documents" folder, create a new subfolder called "LLC Forms Backups" and open this new folder.
  • Choose Paste from the Edit menu.

To back up LLC documents:

  • Open your "My Documents" folder and find the "My LLC Forms" folder.
  • Open the "My LLC Forms" folder and select all the files listed.
  • Choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  • If you haven't already done so, create a new subfolder called "LLC Forms Backups" within your "My Documents" folder.
  • Open your "LLC Forms Backups" folder.
  • Choose Paste from the Edit menu.

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Why am I seeing strange error messages that are preventing me from using or installing the program?

Occasionally, third party software can interfere with LLC Maker's installation. If you are experiencing problems during or immediately after installation, please do the following:

  • If you were able to finish installation, uninstall LLC Maker
  • Restart your computer
  • Quit all other applications running, including anti-virus software
  • Install LLC Maker again

If you continue to receive error messages, please contact us.

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I am currently running an earlier version of LLC Maker. What's different in version 1.7?

Version 1.7 updates the Articles of Organization for the following states:

California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

In addition, instructional screen text and web links have been updated. All users who have not yet filed their LLC documents or who plan on making additional filings in the future should update to version 1.7.

Be aware that if you update, you will need to re-create all your LLC documents from scratch -- LLC Maker 1.7 will not be able to open data files created with previous versions of the program.

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Do I need to upgrade to the most recent version of the program?

LLC Maker is upgraded for any new Articles forms each year; however, new Articles forms are a moving target -- you always will want to check the LLC Maker Articles against the latest state forms before mailing your Articles to the state for filing.

New versions of LLC Maker also may have new legal and tax information that can be helpful to you in deciding whether to incorporate your business, and to make sure you follow the right procedure in your state.

If you purchased LLC Maker more than one year from the date you use it, look at the "Current Version" and "Revision Date" information at the top of this FAQ page to see if a newer version of the product is available for purchase. If you want information about updating to the most current LLC version 1.7, contact us. Nolo offers a special upgrade discount to previous purchasers of LLC Maker.

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Can I print a blank document before completing a document interview?

You can print some LLC Maker documents before you enter all the data necessary for completion. You can tell by looking at the "View Document" button. If the "View Document" button is not grayed out, you can print that document by clicking the button and following the directions that appear on screen.

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I want to arrange things in my documents in ways that are not allowed by the program. Why can't I do exactly what I want to do?

LLC Maker enables most users to create legal documents that satisfy their needs without consulting a lawyer. There are complex situations, however, that are not handled by LLC Maker. The manual and program help include explanations of LLC laws and point out when your situation may require an expert's help. If you want to alter your documents in ways that are not allowed by LLC Maker, take your unsigned document to a lawyer for fine-tuning. The cost of the visit should be less than if the lawyer had created your document from scratch.

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How do I uninstall LLC Maker?

First, make sure you have back-ups and/or printouts of your documents. Then, choose Start from the taskbar, select Settings, and open the Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs, and then double-click the LLC Maker item to uninstall the program.

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Ho do I print forms?

To print forms created with LLC Maker:

    1.  Go to Step 4 ("Create LLC Documents") in your LLC Maker software.
    2.  Select the file you would like to view and "Fill in".
    3.  Select "View Document", and you will be asked whether you would like to view instructions.
    4.  Select "View Document" again - LLC Maker will then export the document to a rich text format file which you can then view and print from any word processing program.
    Please note: The Technical Support period for this product has already ended for this product, as it is no longer being produced nor sold, and the above is all the assistance we can now provide.

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