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Workplace Retaliation: What Are Your Rights?

Most people know that laws exist to protect employees from discrimination and harassment. However, many don't know these laws also protect employees f...

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Your Rights

Sexual orientation discrimination includes being treated differently or harassed because of your real or perceived sexual orientation -- whether gay, ...

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Your Rights Against Religious Discrimination

Federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act) and the laws of most states prohibit employers from engaging in religious discrimination -- that is

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Your Rights Against Age Discrimination

A number of state and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees and applican

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Language and Accent Discrimination in the Workplace

Are English-only rules and language fluency requirements legal under employment and discrimination la

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Fighting Sexual Harassment

In legal terms, sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working en...

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What Is Race Discrimination?

Federal and most state laws prohibit workplace racial discrimination and discrimination based on national origin.

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The Equal Pay Act: Equal Pay for Women

The Equal Pay Act requires employers to pay male and female employees equally for doing the same work. The Act protects both women and men from sex di...

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Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: An Overview of the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employers from discriminating against employees or applicants with disabilities in all aspects of ...

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