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When an Attorney Acts as Licensing Agent

Sometimes, an attorney will act as an agent to license your great idea or patented invention.

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Why Use a License to Sell Software?

Most works of authorship-such as books, magazines, records, photographs and artwork-are sold outright, either directly to end users or to middleme...

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Licensing Artwork: Negotiating and Monitoring Royalty Payments

For an artist who successfully licenses her artwork, royalty payments provide welcome additional income. But in order to maximize profits, an artist s...

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Should You License or Assign Your Art?

In a contract for the production or sale of your artwork, you can do one of two things: license your artwork or assign your work. An assignment is lik...

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How to Protect Yourself in Foreign Licensing Deals

Foreign licensing of your artwork can be lucrative but it can also be a minefield. If the licensee is a cheat or scoundrel, you could end up wasting t...

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