Immigrants in Removal or Deportation Proceedings

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NACARA Suspension of Deportation: Country Specific Deadlines

Only certain Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Eastern Europeans qualify for lawful permanent residence under the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central Americ...

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Immigration Options for Teenagers Without Lawful Status

Many young people who were born in foreign countries are living in the U.S. without legal immigration status.

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Immigration Risks of Pleading Guilty or No Contest

If you are an immigrant and you have been arrested, be sure to consider the immigration consequences of pleading guilty or no contest, even if you hav...

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Crimes That Will Make an Immigrant Deportable

All immigrants, including those with green cards, can be deported if they violate U.S. immigration laws.

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When You'll Get the Immigration Court Judge's Decision

While immigration proceedings can seem highly technical and confusing, there is definitely a method underlying the “madness.” This article wil...

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Immigration Detention 101: Information for Detainees’ Family and Friends

The U.S. government is using detention with increasing frequency as a means of dealing with undocumented or otherwise removable immigrants after the...

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What to Do If You Can't Make Your Immigration Court Removal Hearing

If you are a foreign-born person in the U.S. whom the immigration enforcement authorities are placing in removal proceedings, you will receive what's ...

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Application Process

The application process for DACA deferred action based on childhood arrival to the U.S.

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