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What's New in WillMaker 2015

  Every year, Nolo's expert attorneys thouroughly review and update WillMaker. Here are the updates make for the 2015 version. 

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What Is a Statutory Form

A statutory form is a form created by a government, usually designed to serve as a model form or a free form for the public. The text of the form re...

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Conditional Gifts in Wills and Trusts

It's usually okay to put strings on bequests you leave in your will.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Use your estate plan to leave important instructions about your property, children, and health care.

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Revising Your Estate Plan After Divorce

If you’re going through the emotional and financial turmoil of a divorce, estate planning may be the last thing on your mind.

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How to Write an Explanatory Letter for Your Will

Leaving an explanatory letter can be a meaningful and safe way to express sentiments that don’t belong in your will.  Learn more about

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Putting Strings on What You Leave Your Children

How to protect beneficiaries from themselves.

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