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When Juveniles Are Tried in Adult Criminal Court

Some juvenile cases get transferred to adult criminal court through a process called a "waiver"—when a judge waives the protections that juvenile co...

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Juvenile Law: Status Offenses

In juvenile cases, a "status offense" involves conduct that would not be a crime if it was committed by an adult -- in other words, the actions are co...

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Juvenile Delinquency: What Happens in a Juvenile Case?

When a juvenile is suspected of violating a criminal statute, the procedure that's followed is very different from that used for adult offenders in a ...

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Juvenile Court Sentencing Options

Juvenile courts have a wide range of sentencing options (usually called "disposition orders") that they can impose on juveniles or youth offenders who...

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Juvenile Court: An Overview

The juvenile justice system is different from the criminal justice system.

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Constitutional Rights in Juvenile Cases

Minors in juvenile court delinquency proceedings do not have the same constitutional rights as those given to adults in regular criminal court cases.

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