The Craft Artists' Legal Guide

The Craft Artists' Legal Guide

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The Craft Artists' Legal Guide

, Attorney

, 1st Edition

You’ve already found your passion, so let The Craft Artist’s Legal Guide coach you through the business of crafting.  With the instructions and explanations in this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • get a design patent or license your crafts work
  • price and sell works, online and off
  • find and utilize free ways of promoting your business online

Includes all the legal forms you need!

Available as part of the Nolo's Bundle for Artists

Take care of the legal and business side of your business and focus on creating your crafts!

Crafting for profit is on the rise, and you may find yourself relying more and more on the income generated from your creative enterprise. At the same time, the legal and business side of crafting can be daunting for artists, consuming time and money that could be better invested in creating new products -- and possibly even leaving you open to copyright violation or tax troubles. With the instructions and explanations in The Craft Artist's Legal Guide, you'll learn how to:

  • get a design patent or license your crafts work
  • price and sell works, online and off
  • select the right studio and deal with leases, noise restrictions, and zoning laws
  • find and utilize free ways of promoting your business online
  • hire workers and sales reps
  • choose the right insurance
  • complete and file required business forms

The Craft Artist's Legal Guide will help you focus on your creative works, simplifying procedures and avoiding problems. Each chapter of the book starts with an engaging profile of a working craftsperson, then identifies and discusses the nuts and bolts business and legal issues that you're likely to encounter as an artist. The book also provides helpful legal contracts for the most common crafts business activities, as well as various money-saving online resources that will save you time and money.

Number of Pages
Included Forms
  • Invoice
  • Consignment Agreement
  • Commission Agreement
  • Collection Letter #1
  • Collection Letter #2
  • Collection Letter #3
  • Work-Made-for-Hire-Agreement
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Sales Representative Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Basic Copyright Assignment
  • Artwork Assignment Agreement
  • Unlimited Personal Release Agreement
  • Limited Personal Release Agreement
  • Merchandise License Agreement
  • Merchandise License Worksheet

1. Pricing and Selling

  • The Pricing Dilemma: How Much Do You Charge?
  • Selling Wholesale
  • Selling Retail
  • Selling at Crafts Shows
  • Selling on Consignment
  • Custom Orders
  • Shipping and Delays
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Ten Tips for Collecting Past-Due Accounts
  • Selling and Buying Outside the U.S

2. Your Studio

  • Working From Home
  • Finding the Right Space at the Right Price
  • Studio Safety

3. Going Online

  • Where Do You Start?
  • Free Stuff
  • Invoice Customers and Get Paid Online
  • Battle of the Community Stores: Etsy vs. eBay
  • Earn Money With Google Adsense
  • The (Very) Basics of Driving Traffic to Your Crafts Site
  • How to Build a Website in 24 Hours
  • Basic Legal Rules When Going Online

4. Hiring Workers and Sales Reps

  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor—What’s the Difference?
  • Ten Tips When Hiring Family Members
  • Statutory Employees
  • Firing Workers
  • Works Made for Hire
  • When Workers Learn Your Crafts Secrets
  • Hiring Sales Reps

5. Business Forms & Legal Liability

  • Personal Liability: What Is It?
  • The Business Entity as Shield
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • LLC vs. Corporation—What’s the Difference?
  • The Cooperative
  • Other Ways to Limit Liability
  • The Need for Basic Insurance
  • Assess and Reduce Your Risks
  • Product Liability

6. Protecting Appearances With Copyright

  • How a Copyright Protects You
  • What Type of Work Qualifies for Copyright
  • Photographs of Your Crafts Work
  • Do You Need to Register With the Copyright Office?
  • Choosing Whether to Register Your Works in Groups
  • Filing a Copyright Application
  • Posting a Copyright Notice on Your Work
  • Getting Permission to Use Someone Else’s Work
  • Fair Use: When It’s “Fair” for You to Use Pieces of Others’ Works
  • The First Sale Doctrine: Your Right to Resell Works
  • The Public Domain: Free Stuff
  • Using Copyright Assignments
  • What Rights Does the Customer Acquire When They Buy Your Work?
  • Infringement of Copyright
  • The Visual Artists Rights Act: Crafts Works and Fine Arts
  • Personal/Model Releases

7. Protecting Appearances With Design Patents and Trade Dress

  • Comparing Design Patents and Copyright
  • Design Patents: The Bottom Line
  • How to Get a Design Patent
  • What Qualifies for a Design Patent
  • Preparing a Design Patent Application
  • Are There Other Types of Protection?
  • Trade Dress
  • What to Do If Your Work Is Ripped Off

8. Names and Trademarks

  • Trademark Basics
  • Collective Marks and Certification Marks
  • Staying Out of Trouble
  • Federal Registration

9. Licensing

  • Crafts Licensing Overview
  • Merchandise License Agreement
  • Licensing Worksheet

10. Taxes

  • Hobby vs. Business—What’s the Difference?
  • Paying Taxes
  • Tax Deductions

11. Lawyers, Contracts, and Lawsuits

  • Hiring Lawyers for Routine Business
  • Hiring Lawyers for Legal Disputes
  • Finding the Right Lawyer
  • Fees and Fee Agreements
  • Evaluating Your Attorney’s Services
  • Using Contract Provisions to Avoid Legal Costs and Hassles


  • How to Use the CD-ROM
  • Installing the Files Onto Your Computer
  • Using the Word Processing Files to Create Documents
  • Files on the CD-ROM


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