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Immigration Basics

Due to the complexity of the immigration process, seeking citizenship or a Green Card it is highly recommended to work with an Immigration Attorney. By consulting with an immigration attorney, you will be able to get through legal hurdles, which can be a long and winding one -- and bureaucratic hassles are inevitable. In any case, the application process can be demanding, paperwork-intensive, and in some cases lengthy. Our attorneys will provide you with visa options and provide you with the required information to stay in the United States.

Green Card Qualifications

A green card identifies its holder as a U.S. permanent resident, with rights to enter, exit, work, and live in the United States for their entire life -- and to eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. Obtaining a green card is the first step in the road to U.S. citizenship.

There are many ways to obtain a green card or permanent residence; however, the U.S. immigration laws are complex. One of the benefits of working with an experienced immigration attorney, they will make sure you're eligible before you think about applying for U.S. permanent residence.

The laws are constantly changing, so only certain categories of applicants are allowed to file green card applications. You will want to talk with an attorney to discuss the complicated application procedures involved in immigrating to the United States. You'll also need to know which forms to file and where, as well as the proper documents to bring to your interview, and this depends on what category you're applying under (fiancé, spouse, employee, relative, and so on).

U.S. Naturalization and Citizenship

Naturalization is the next step following obtaining a green card that allows them to live and work in the United States. Naturalization is a complex process by which a foreign national can become a U.S. citizen.

To become a U.S. citizen through the process known as naturalization, you must first have a green card (permanent residence) and then meet other requirements, our attorneys can help you in applying for U.S. citizenship if you have lived in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for at least five years (with exceptions for refugees, people who get their green card through asylum, spouses of U.S. citizens, and U.S. military personnel).

Applying for citizenship opens your whole immigration history to review. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will carefully investigate your background. It is recommended that you talk with an attorney to avoid any hurdles during the application process.

For more on the eligibility and application requirements for citizenship, contact an Immigration Attorney for a Free Consultation.