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Social Security Disability Basics

Applying for Social Security disability benefits without an attorney can make your claim take longer and increase your chances of being denied. Most people who go through the process of applying for Social Security disability will be denied the first time. (Statistically, 70% of all SSDI and SSI claims are denied after the initial application.) This can happen even if a disability claimant's case is strong. Having a consultation with a disability attorney before you apply can help you when you visit your doctor in preparation of applying and when you fill out the application.

The appeals process is in fact where most successful Social Security disability are won. More specifically, getting a case at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) is where a claimant will have their best opportunity at winning disability benefits. In most cases, being represented by a disability lawyer can greatly increase your chances of the judge's approving you for benefits. Experienced disability lawyers know how get the proper evidence into the record, prepare you properly to give testimony, and to cross-examine vocational experts. Getting these things right can make or break your case.

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