Nolo Publishes 50-State Series on HOA Foreclosure Laws

If your homeowners association (HOA) or condominium assocation (COA) is foreclosing or threatening to foreclose on your house or condominium, you can now find state-specific information on Nolo's website. Nolo recently published a 50-state article series on HOA and COA foreclosures (it includes the District of Columbia too). Click on your state’s link to find your state-specific HOA and COA foreclosure article.

Each state article has information on charges that the HOA or COA can include in its lien, state HOA and COA foreclosure procedures, superliens, notice procedures, statutes of limitation, where to find your state HOA or COA foreclosure statutes, and more.

In addition, Nolo's HOA Foreclosure topic page has general articles on HOA and COA foreclosures, including explanations of important homeowner's association terms and legal concepts, HOA foreclosure defenses, how an HOA foreclosure affects your credit, and more.