Wills FAQ

How do I choose the right product to help me make a will?

Nolo offers several products to help you make your will. Which one you should use depends on the size of your estate, how you want to leave your property, and whether you prefer to use software or a good old-fashioned book.

Quicken WillMaker Plus is ideal for nearly any size estate and almost any estate plan. Use this product if you are comfortable using computer software and if you also need other estate planning documents, such as trusts, health care directives, or powers of attorney -- Willmaker comes with all of those as well as many other useful forms.

Nolo's Online Will allows you to make your will online, now or anytime. Just log in, answer questions about yourself and your property, and print! Nolo provides expert guidence and help along the way.

Nolo's Simple Will Book is better for those who prefer to use a book with word-processing documents on CD-ROM. Nolo's Simple Will Book allows you to customize a will to your circumstances and is appropriate for those with small to moderately sized estates and simple estate planning goals.

The Quick and Legal Will Book is best if you have a small estate, simple estate planning goals, and prefer to use a book with word processing documents on CD-ROM. The Quick and Legal Will Book offers a choice of five basic will forms.

To see everything Nolo has to offer when it comes to making a will and planning your estate, visit our Wills, Trusts & Estates Center.

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