Will the bankruptcy trustee answer my questions?

The bankruptcy trustee cannot provide legal advice, but might be able to answer a procedural question.

If you are filing for bankruptcy without an attorney, you may have questions about the process or the law. Can you ask questions of the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case, or the bankruptcy trustee's staff?

Procedural Matters

The answer depends on what type of question you have. For the most part, trustees have limited ability to answer your questions. If you have a question about a procedural matter or want more information about a request made by the trustee, the trustee can probably answer your question.

If you do need to contact the trustee, the papers you receive from the bankruptcy court after you file for bankruptcy will contain the trustee's contact information.

However, if you ask a question which involves giving legal advice, the trustee is prohibited from providing an answer. This means the trustee cannot advise you what to do or discuss choices available to you in any particular situation.

Remember, the trustee has a duty to review your case and pursue actions against you if appropriate. For example, trustees commonly object to bankruptcy debtors' claims for exemptions

Seek Help From an Attorney

If you have questions, and you can’t find the answers on your own, you should to seek the advice of counsel.

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