Will my bankruptcy be published in the newspaper?

Your bankruptcy filing will not appear in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet.

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I am in deep debt and need to file for bankruptcy.  I know the newspaper publishes notices of public record. Will my bankruptcy case filing show up there?  I really don’t want anyone I work or socialize with to stumble across a notice of my bankruptcy filing. This fear, alone, has kept me from filing. 


No, your bankruptcy filing will not appear in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet as a matter of course. Long ago, bankruptcy filings were published in the newspaper as a means of notifying creditors. But that doesn’t happen anymore. Nowadays, the court will mail notice to your creditors (you provide the court with a list of your creditors, along with their mailing addresses).

One caveat: If you are famous (I assume you are not, otherwise your PR manager would have already discussed this with you), the media will be quick to pick up on a bankruptcy filing. And then, yes, it will be splashed all over the supermarket tabloids and appear in TMZ.

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