Travel Scams FAQ

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I received a vacation certificate in the mail. How can I figure out if it's legitimate?

If you find any of the following on a travel certificate, send it straight to the recycling bin:

  • words such as "Certificate of Guarantee" and images like a spread-winged eagle or other prominent symbol designed to convey a sense of legitimacy
  • a variety of possible vacation destinations, with no designated dates or price
  • exciting descriptions of what you will do, such as "gala cruise," "glittering casino action," "moonlight dancing," or "resort accommodations" with no designated company names
  • a phrase in the fine print indicating you were chosen "using credit and purchasing criteria to select individuals interested in the many benefits of travel," and
  • fine print stating that the receipt of one portion of the offer (for example, the airline ticket) is dependent on purchase of something else (such as hotel accommodations).

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