Toxic Torts FAQ

I was exposed to asbestos on the job several decades ago and now have mesothelioma. Can I get compensated for my illness?

Probably. Mesothelioma, an often fatal lung disease, is caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos. Lawsuits have established that the asbestos industry hid the health dangers of asbestos for decades, and workers were needlessly exposed to asbestos (a serious carcinogen) as a result. For this reason, if you suffer from mesothelioma because you worked with asbestos, you have a very good chance of recovering money damages for your illness -- either from the company that manufactured or installed the asbestos or through an insurer or victims' compensation fund that has assumed liability on the company's behalf. To learn more about mesothelioma and asbestos claims, see Nolo's article Mesothelioma and Asbestos: An Overview.

For information on filing a personal injury claim, see How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim, by Attorney Joseph L. Matthews (Nolo).

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