Sample Letter to Landlord Regarding a Likely Radon Problem

How to get your landlord to arrange professional radon testing in your rental unit.

If you believe that you have a radon problem in your rental unit, you’ll want to alert your landlord, using the Sample Letter Requesting Landlord to Test for Radon included on the Nolo site.

If your letter doesn’t get results, you might consider buying an inexpensive radon test kit yourself and then using the results to motivate your landlord to take further action. You can use the Sample Letter to Landlord Regarding a Likely Radon Problem  shown below as a template in preparing your own letter. Check your state law to see what remedies are available to you if the landlord refuses to act (the remedies in the letter are relevant to Montana).  Be sure to send the letter to the landlord by certified mail, and include the results of tests you have done on your own, along with relevant radon hazard information.

Keep copies of your letter and attachments. You may need them if the landlord fails to take the right steps regarding a radon health hazard and you move out or seek other legal remedies.  

If initial tests indicate radon health hazards in your rental that can’t be easily resolved (such as by improving ventilation), you may consider moving out until the problem is resolved. Ask your landlord for reimbursement for temporary housing in this case, using the sample letter on the Nolo site.

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