Sample Agreement with Landlord: Painting Rental Unit

If your landlord agrees to let you paint your apartment, get all details in writing

If your landlord agrees to let you paint your apartment or makes any other kinds of promises you want to depend upon, get it in writing and include a date for completing the work. If you are painting the unit an unusual color or doing a mural, it would be a good idea to make sure the landlord agrees with your plan.

Use this Sample Agreement With Landlord Regarding Painting Rental Unit as a model in preparing your own. You can edit this agreement to cover any other kind of promise the landlord has made—for example, to fix a broken garbage disposal in the rental unit by a certain date.

Both landlord and tenant should sign this agreement.

For details on tenant rights when it comes to repairs and maintenance, including what to do if your landlord fails to make necessary repairs, see Every Tenant’s Legal Guide or (if you’re renting in California), California Tenants’ Rights.

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