Questions for Seller Worksheet

Basic questions to ask a seller (or seller’s agent) about a house that seem promising.

Before making an offer to buy a house, you’ll have lots of questions for the current owner. Here are some basic questions you and your agent will want to ask about a particular house, in terms of repair needs, utility costs, and neighbors. Add anything else to this list of interest—for example, if you have specific questions about the garden. You'll most likely ask the seller's agent these questions, but if the seller is there, or is selling without an agent, ask the seller directly. Be sure to ask about anything else that interests your—for example, what is the flooring like under the carpet. And if you’re buying a condo or co-op, see the Condo/Co-Op Worksheet on

You can download a Portable Document File (PDF) version of the questionnaire form below. 

Download Questions for Seller Worksheet as a PDF 

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