Why Won't the Landlord Let Our Daughter Add Dad to the Lease?


I have a 19 year-old daughter, Jennifer, who has a problem. The apartment manager at the complex she has chosen refuses to let her father (who can well afford it and is proud of his accomplished daughter) sign a lease for her. He has a gold credit history and wants to guarantee that the rent will always be paid, and promptly. The manager, however, insists that the tenant must have an income three times the rental amount. Someday, Jennifer wants to be a lawyer, but for now, she's a great young lady who goes to college and also holds a full-time job at nights. Isn't there a way to convince the management of this complex that money is money, it doesn't matter if it is coming from Jennifer or her father?


Maybe the landlord got wind of Jen's plans to become a future lawyer of America and was afraid she would try to rewrite the lease and add a lot of heretofores to it.

But just as likely, he is aware that no law requires him to accept a cosigner -- that's what your daughter's father would be. Many landlords do not want to add a cosigner to a lease, knowing that if the rent doesn't get paid, they will be in the unwieldy position of having to sue the cosigner, who often lives in another town or state. As long as the landlord sticks to his decision, there is probably little you can do to change his mind -- and nothing in the law to help you.

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