Can we use another company's corporate logo to advertise our training services?


I am the marketing manager for a technology training company. We specialize in training people in Java. Can we use the Java logo on direct mail pieces as long as we cite the TM and give credit to Sun Microsystems?


As a general rule, you should be very careful when using the Java logo in association with your services unless Java's owner, Sun Microsystems, has authorized the use. If you don't get permission and Sun believes that your use of Java is either confusing consumers or diluting its trademark, the company can file suit to stop your use.

Your advertisement should indicate that Java is a registered trademark owned by Sun Microsystems and should include a disclaimer that your services are not affiliated with or sponsored by Sun Microsystems. Finally, you must use the federally registered symbol -- "R" in a circle -- when using Java in a commercial setting, not the "TM" symbol.

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