How do I deal with a sexual molester in the neighborhood?


We've just discovered that a sexual molester has moved in two doors down. Because he plea bargained the charges down to a lesser offense, the neighborhood did not have to be notified that he was moving in. I have a beautiful eleven-year-old daughter who loves to be outside. I'm scared to death for her safety, let alone that of any child who might come to visit. What are our legal options?


If you and the new neighbor are both home owners, there is very little you can do, beyond supervising your daughter and any friends that come to visit. Unless and until the neighbor breaks a law or violates any conditions of probation or parole, he is entitled to live where he does.

On the other hand, if you are a renter, the presence of this person may be grounds to break the lease and move. And if the new neighbor is a renter, the landlord might be convinced that his lease or rental agreement ought not be renewed. Whether the neighbor's landlord could evict him mid-lease is not clear. It would be difficult unless the tenant has, again, violated the law or broken a lease term or condition.

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