Can my employer ask me to leave -- after I quit?


I recently resigned from my job and gave two weeks' notice. After two more days of work, my boss told me to go home and not come back. Am I legally entitled to be paid for a full two weeks?


This is a common employer response when an employee resigns. Employers who want to short circuit water cooler gossip or are worried about the employee's access to customer or business data are likely nowadays to ask a resigning employee to leave even earlier than the employee planned.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean the employee is entitled to be paid for days not actually worked. The law requires that workers be paid only for hours spent on the job and, sometimes, for accrued vacation time -- but not for hours you planned to work but didn't. So you have a legal right to be paid for two days, not two weeks. This doesn't mean that your employer won't agree to pay you for the time you were willing to work, however. There's certainly no harm in asking.

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