Will I lose my license for a DUI?


If I am convicted of a DUI, will I lose my drivers license?


In almost all DUI and DWI cases, the offender will lose his or her driving privileges, at least temporarily. This can happen in two ways:

  • either the court orders the license be revoked or suspended, or
  • the state motor vehicles department suspends of revokes the license.

If the DUI or DWI arrest involved a refusal to take a BAC test (breathalyzer or blood test), the offenders driver's license will automatically be suspended regardless of the outcome of the DUI case.

Most first time offenders will be able to get their driving privileges restored after as little as ninety days. Depending on the circumstances of the case as well as state laws and local practices, restrictions, such as driving only to and from work, may be placed on the driver.

Those with prior drunk driving convictions can get their license suspended for a year or more.

An attorney familiar with drunk driving cases in your area can inform you of the likelihood of losing your license, and offer options to help preserve it.

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