My boyfriend owns the house -- how do I make clear that I own the furniture?


My boyfriend is buying a home in his name only. How do I protect myself when his name is the only one on the contract, but everything in the home is mine -- even though he won't sign anything saying so? I already have my driver's license number written on all my property. But I'm worried about what might happen if we separate, and I have no proof that I own the property in the home. Could he get it all?


The fact that the house is in his name doesn't affect your ownership of the personal items. You bought them, so they belong to you. But yes, marking all the property is a good idea.

In addition, here's a suggestion that has nothing to do with the law -- but everything to do with common sense. Sit down with your friend and try to come to an agreement about property ownership that satisfies both of you.

If he refuses, you might be wise to pick a different address and save yourself the heartache of trying to share a life with an unreconstructed clod.

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