What happens to biological father's rights after stepfather adoption?


My son's former wife has asked him to sign papers so that her new husband can adopt his daughter. My son likes the man and feels that he's very good to his daughter, but doesn't want to give up his visitation rights. He doesn't have a lot of financial resources. What are his options? Also, do grandparents have visitation rights?


Typically, a child can have only two legal parents. If your granddaughter is adopted by her stepfather, your son's rights as a parent would be legally terminated. If your son wants visitation rights -- or any other rights -- where his daughter is concerned, he shouldn't consent to her adoption by someone else.

Grandparents' rights are a trickier subject, but as long as your son has visitation rights he can also facilitate your visits with your granddaughter. If you have a problem later, talk to a lawyer who knows about laws in your state that might affect your rights to see your granddaughter. Learn more about grandparent visitation.

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