After my DUI / DWI conviction, will I be required to install an IID?

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I recently received a driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction in Texas (same as DUI) and, while I know I'll be fined, I'm curious if the state is going to require me to install an ignition interlock device (IID). What does the law say?


In Texas, your first DUI / DWI conviction does not require you to install an IID, unless there are aggravating circumstances (an extremely high BAC, or blood alcohol content, for example). However, if this is your second DUI / DWI, then a judge can (and probably will) decide that you need an IID, and the judge will decide how long the device should be installed on your vehicle. Installing, renting, and maintaining an IID can cost you hundreds of dollars, so plan accordingly.

Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state. While many states are like Texas in that they require IIDs for subsequent DUI / DWI convictions, there are an equal number of states that call for a first time DUI / DWI offender to install an IID. To learn whether IIDs are required for first offenders in your state, see Nolo's DUI / DWI in Your State articles.

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