Oklahoma Required Landlord Disclosures

Learn about the disclosures that landlords in Oklahoma must provide tenants, usually in the lease or rental agreement.

Oklahoma requires landlords to make the following disclosures to tenants:

Flooding.  If the premises to be rented has been flooded within the past five (5) years and such fact is known to the landlord, the landlord shall include such information prominently and in writing as part of any written rental agreements. (41 Okla. St. Ann. § 113a)

Owner information. As a part of any rental agreement the lessor shall prominently and in writing identify what person at what address is entitled to accept service or notice under this act. Landlord must disclose to the tenant in writing at or before the commencement of the tenancy the name and address of the person authorized to manage the premises, and an owner of the premises or a person authorized to act for and on behalf of the owner for the purpose of service of process and receiving notices and demands. (41 Okla. St. Ann. § 116)

Check the Oklahoma statute (Okla. Stat. Ann. § §â

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