New York State Laws Affecting Tenants in Domestic Violence Situations

Here are New York rules protecting tenants who are victims of domestic violence.

New York extends special protections to tenants who are victims of domestic violence. Here are some of the domestic violence (DV) laws that apply to tenants:

  • Landlord cannot refuse to rent to victim of DV
  • Landlord cannot terminate a victim of DV
  • Early termination right for DV victim
  • Penalty for falsely reporting domestic violence (including obtaining early termination)
  • Landlord or court may bifurcate the lease, which means that the landlord may evict the abuser, but not the victim of the domestic violence
  • Anti-discrimination protection and eviction protection do not apply to owner-occupied buildings with two or fewer units.

Check the New York statute (N.Y. Real Prop. Law §â

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