Mortgage Broker Interview Questionnaire: Download PDF

Looking for a mortgage broker to help you line up financing for a house? Here are interview questions to help you choose a broker who will help you find the best loan.

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For many homebuyers, getting the best mortgage involves working with a mortgage broker. (See the Nolo article How to Choose and Work with a Mortgage Broker for details.) To get the best mortgage broker on your team, ask the following questions, as well as any special to your situation (for example, concerning a credit history issue, your interest in an FHA or other government-backed loan, or the broker’s experience with self-employed buyers). Before making your final decision, check references, using Nolo’s Mortgage Broker Reference Questionnaire.

You can download a Portable Document File (PDF) version of the questionnaire form below. 

Download the Mortgage Broker Interview Questionnaire as a PDF 

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