How do I make changes to my Nolo living trust?


How do I make changes my Nolo living trust?



If you made your trust using Nolo’s Online Living Trust -- and you’re within your subscription period --  you can make changes by signing into your account.  Read more about this below in the Online Living Trust FAQ topic What if I want to change something later?

If you did not make your trust with Nolo’s Online Living Trust (or you did, but your subscription expired), then you can either

1) amend your existing trust using a Living Trust Amendment,  or

2) revoke your existing trust using a Living Trust Revocation and make a new one.

If you just have a few simple changes to beneficiaries or trust property, then making an amendment is a good choice. However, if you have big changes or many small ones, then it’s probably worth the effort to revoke your current trust and make a new one. Doing so will avoid confusion or misinterpretation. The big upside to making a trust amendment instead of making a new trust is that with an amendment all of your existing trust property stays in the trust.  Whereas making a new trust requires you to transfer all of your trust property out of the old trust and into the new one. If your trust contains a lot of titled property, this could be a hassle, but probably still worth the trouble.

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