Getting Hired FAQ

How should I handle a job interview when I have an obvious physical disability? Should I discuss it with the employer?

If employers really are worried about your ability to do the job, you can alleviate those concerns by explaining how you would perform the duties that the position calls for. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state laws protect you from discrimination based on your disability, as long as you are qualified for the job (meaning you have the necessary credentials, experience, and so on) and you can perform its essential functions, with or without a reasonable accommodation. (To learn more about what the ADA entails, see Nolo's article on Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: An Overview of the ADA.)  You aren't legally required to talk about your disability (although potential employers may ask how you would perform the job's functions), but it makes sense to do so when your disability is obvious. Otherwise, potential employers might assume that you can't do the job or that you would require pricey accommodations the company can't afford. For more information on the rights of applicants with disabilities, see Nolo's article Getting Hired With a Disability.

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