The Triple Bottom Line: The Benefits of Sharing Household Goods, Purchases, Tasks and Space

Social and Personal Benefits

  • Get help and have fun getting your home improvement projects done.
  • Gain access to all kinds of useful and/or fun items, by forming a goods-sharing group.
  • Make your neighborhood safer by cooperating to prepare for emergencies and by creating a community where everyone looks out for each other.
  • Save time on shopping or household chores, by cooperating with others to buy goods and services.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce extraction of natural resources and the manufacture of disposable consumer goods by sharing high quality goods with others.
  • Cooperate with your neighbors to recycle and reduce waste.
  • Reduce your home's carbon footprint by taking part in a home energy saving group.
  • Cooperate on projects to save, purify, and recycle water.
  • Save product packaging by buying in bulk with others.

Financial Benefits

  • Save thousands of dollars by sharing ownership or use of household goods, equipment, tools, or clothing.
  • Reduce monthly expenditures by forming groups to buy household supplies and staples.
  • Bargain collectively for expensive goods and services, and save a lot of money on things like solar power.
  • Save labor costs for home repair, by forming a home improvement group with friends or neighbors.

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