10. How Will We Make Decisions?

The way your group discusses and makes major decisions can greatly influence the success of your arrangement and the sense of community you create from it. Because communication and decision making are so important, we've devoted an entire chapter to them (Chapter 4).

Your group might make decisions through a consensus process or by a majority vote. You might decide to give each person an equal say or give some members—for example, those who own the shared property—more voting power. Or, your large group might delegate most decisions to a smaller committee, but reserve major decisions for the whole group.

No matter what decision-making process you decide to use, you'll need to decide whether and how often to meet, how you will set agendas, and what procedures to follow during meetings. Meeting procedures can range from informal conversations to formal procedures such as Robert's Rules of Order. Decision making and meeting procedures are also covered in Chapter 4.

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