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Depending on what you are hoping to share, you might need to look beyond the people you already know to find a suitable sharer. Perhaps you don't know anyone who's looking to share a house or something else you want to share. Sharing a horse, a boat, an RV, or another big ticket item requires finding someone else who is interested in the same thing and ready to make the investment when you are.

The Internet is an incredibly useful tool for finding people with similar interests. Most people are probably familiar with online classified ad sites, like craigslist ( and social networking sites, such as Facebook ( But there are also more specific sites that can help you find the precise kind of share you're looking for. There are websites that connect people who want to carpool, share housing or garden space, and much more. Some websites even contain interactive maps to help you find nearby sharers. We list many of these sites in the chapters that follow and in Appendix A.

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