Your Triple Bottom Line: The Benefits of Sharing at Work

Social and Personal Benefits

  • Sharing with your work colleagues can make your work week much more pleasant and lead to new business and personal relationships.
  • Sharing can save you money, which may allow you to work less and enjoy more free time.
  • Job sharing gives employees more flexible work options, and can give them more time at home and with their families.

Environmental Benefits

  • Sharing work space means the use of fewer natural resources for building, heating, and lighting work spaces.
  • Engaging in collective purchasing with coworkers saves packaging, travel, and other resources.
  • Carpooling or vanpooling to work or sharing a car or bike at work save a significant amount of energy and resources.

Financial Benefits

  • Sharing work-related resources like equipment, space, and subscriptions can decrease your costs by half or more, depending on how many people you share with.
  • Sharing can allow you to purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire things you wouldn't be able to afford on your own.
  • Sharing employees can lessen the burden of employment-related taxes and other costs.

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