Your Triple Bottom Line: The Benefits of Sharing Transportation

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Social and Personal Benefits

  • Get 30 to 90 extra minutes of rest or relaxation each day if you take a carpool or vanpool to work.
  • Reduce traffic and urban congestion by carsharing and carpooling.
  • Meet your neighbors: Studies have shown that in neighborhoods where there is less traffic people are more likely to know their neighbors.
  • Help the elderly, people with disabilities, and low income households gain access to shared transportation.

Environmental Benefits

  • Carpooling to work can cut your personal CO2 emissions by a third, improve air quality, and reduce polluted runoff from roads.
  • Up to eight cars will be taken off the roads for each car offered by large carsharing programs such as Zipcar and City CarShare.
  • Fewer cars on the road means fewer parking lots, and more unpaved paradise.

Financial Benefits

  • Save up to $3,000 per year by sharing your car with a friend or neighbor or by carpooling to work.
  • Retire with an extra $660,000. That's the amount of money you will have in 40 years if you put that extra $3,000 per year into investments at a 7% rate of return.
  • Earn up to $110 per month, tax free, through an employer-sponsored commuter voucher program.
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